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Intermediate to Advanced Level

Systemic Inflammation, Food Intolerance, and Autoimmunity
Pathophysiology and Natural Therapeutics

24 hours CE Credit with Certificate

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The CD-Set, Notes, and Supplemental Readings and Texts may be purchased separately without enrollment in the course and with no additional tuition fee. See The CD-Rom section of our Online Store

This course material was developed over a period of more than twenty years, and delivered in various formats to hundreds of intermediate students of herbalism, nutrition, and naturopathic medicine as part of pre-clinical training. These methods were honed in several multi-faculty teaching clinics continuously between 1995 and 2013. Foods in the diet which evoke an immunological inflammatory response are nearly universal in modern chronic disease, and removal can in many cases cause symptoms of even some serious diseases to fall away. Cases presented in this audio course include congestive heart failure, panic disorder, systemic lupus, multiple sclerosis, severe eczema, systemic lymphadenopathy, and a dozen more, which were cured or greatly improved with removal and strict avoidance of an offending food.

This course describes in great detail current scientific concepts of digestion, immunity, and autoimmunity to explain the "dotted line" between an immunological response in the gut, and systemic manifestations of disease. Assessment, with an emphasis on interview and examination skills rather than on questionable laboratory antibody testing, is emphasized. A complete review of lifestyle factors, nutrition, and herbal materia medica and formulation strategies for inflammation and the Leaky Gut Syndrome are included. This course prepares you with the complete skill set to assess and coach a patient through removal of an offending food. See the
List of Tracks for more detail of the content. 

This course consists of 13 audio CDs of a ten-class sequence on systemic inflammation, food intolerance, and autoimmunity delivered in Portland, OR in May of 2013.  Included with it are class notes, supplemental readings and reference texts in electronic format.

Course objective: This course covers the physiology, pathology, nutrition, pharmacology, herbal remedies and  vitalist and constitutional considerations for systemic inflammation, and specifically the role of food intolerance in general inflammation and autoimmunity. It is case-based, with more than twenty illustrative cases presented. 

Prerequisites: At least 36 classroom hours of previous studies in herbalism with some study of physiology is recommended but not required. The course goes in to great detail in some areas of inflammation, immunity, and digestion. 

Course length: This course is to be completed within 12 weeks.

Cost: Tuition:$120

Application fee: $25

Study materials and CDs: $159 (may be purchased separately without enrollment, application or tuition).

Total: $304

Further down on this page you can find Faculty Biography, and a List of Tracks of the 13 audio CDs

Enrollment for Credit

To enroll in the course, receive faculty support, and to earn the Continuing Education certificate, follow these steps:

  • 1) Purchase the CD-set in the CD-ROM Section of our Online Store The CD-Rom set may be purchased without further enrollment in the course or any tuition payment..

  • 2) When you receive it, open the data disk file, and print out the application form. Send it in with a $25 application fee and the $120 tuition. This entitles you to student support and faculty contact for twelve weeks after we we reply to you and assign a faculty mentor. 

  • 3) Read the instructions for obtaining CE credit in the read-me-first file.

  • 4) Look over the CE questions and review them before listening to the disks.

  • 5) Complete any assignments and answer the CE questions for each disk.

  • 7) You will receive a certificate reflecting 24 hours of CE credit.

Total Cost:

CD-ROM set: $159.00

Application Fee: $25

Tuition: $120

Total: $304

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Paul Bergner is director of the North American Institute of Medical Herbalism. He has edited the Medical Herbalism journal since 1989. He completed more than 50 semester hours of doctoral level studies at the National College of Naturopathic Medicine in the 1980s, including the full sequence on Chinese Medicine offered to the ND students. He was Director of clinical education at Rocky Mountain Center for Botanical Studies from 1996-2003, and clinic director at the Evergreen Center in Boulder, CO from 2003 to 2013.  Between the two schools, he has trained more than 230 students through a two-year program with internship in clinical herbalism and clinical nutrition. He is the author of seven books on medical herbalism, clinical nutrition, and naturopathic medicine. Paul has practiced natural medicine for more than 40 years.

CD Contents and Track List (2-Album set)


The  album include a data disk containing lecture notes, supplemental readings, and instructions on how to obtain Continuing Education credit for this course.

Thirteen Audio Disks, with .wav files, which will normally play in any computer or any CD player. They will not play in an .mp3 player unless you convert them to .mp3 on your computer.



1 Opening

2 Introduction

3 Outline

4 Cases

5 Treatment vs Cure

6 Inflammation

7 Diseases

8 C-reactive protein

9 Closing



1 Opening

2 Nutrients

3 Some trace elements

4 Barrier function

5 Plants with trace elements

6 Oils

7 Closing



1 Opening

2 Vitamin D

3 Vitamin D protocol

4 Vitamin D toxicity

5 Leaky Gut syndrome

6 Gut associated immunity

7 Microbiome

8 Probiotics

9 Teas in chronic disease

10 Closing



1 Opening

2 Gut Lymphatic system

3 Villous lymphatics

4 Systemic effects

5 Migrating plasma cells

6 Outgrowing allergies

7 Molecular mimicry

8 Gluten

9 Milk

10 Food Intolerance process

11 Closing



1 Opening

2 Medications

3 Herbs for pain

4 Herbs and Leaky gut

5 Insulin resistance

6 Alterative herbs

7 Closing



1 Opening

2 Fasting

3 Intermittent fasting

4 Breakfast

5 Caffea

6 Salicylate containing herbs

7 Curcuma

8 Ginger

9 More antiinflammatory herbs

10 Hydrastis and myrrh

11 Closing



1 Opening

2 Food Intolerance Overview

3 Digestive pathologies

4 Therapeutics Overview

5 Gut ecology and evolution

6 Nutrition for enterocytes

7 Food Intolerance and the gut barrier

8 Lectins

9 Gluten and oats

10 Closing



1 Opening

2 Introduction

3 Case studies detail

4 Elimination diets in history

5 Salisbury diet

6 Homeopaths

7 NAIMH Experience

8 Closing



1 Opening

2 Clinical Observations

3 Addictive relationship with foods

4 Common erroneous beliefs

5 Allergy vs intolerance

6 Complete elimination

7 Closing



1 Opening

2 Assessment

3 Digestive symptoms

4 Abdominal bloating

5 Constipation

6 Chinese liver patterns

7 Diet assessment

8 Closing



1 Opening

2 Diet diary

3 Interview process

4 Intuitive eating exercise

5 Lab Testing

6 Lab test studies

7 Closing



1 Opening

2 Why withdrawals fail

3 Elimination protocol

4 Two dietary approaches

5 Flower essences

6 Follow up

7 Rechallenge

8 GAPS diet

9 Blood type diet

10 Closing



1 Opening

2 Therapeutics overview

3 Nutrition

4 Probiotics

5 Herb cautions

6 Bitters

7 Antifungal herbs

8 Parasites

9 Herbal therapeutics

10 Closing

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Data Disk

Supplemental readings and reference texts. Adobe Acrobat format

The supplemental readings directory includes and electronic version of The Healing Power of Minerals and Trace Elements by Paul Bergner. Also included are patient forms, further notes and readings, and scientific articles to accompany the lecture slides.

  • read-me-first.pdf Open this document

  • Application.pdf Send in with the Enrollment form to enroll.

  • Lecture Notes.in two formats, one optimized for viewing on a computer, and the second for printing. 
  • Track-list.pdf. A list of the tracks on the 13 audio disks.

  • CE-questions. Questions and assignments for obtaining CE credit for the course.


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