Herbal Education in the Vitalist Tradition at Portland's new herbal school
North American Institute of Medical Herbalism, Inc


Demystifying Common Laboratory Tests
for the Clinical Herbalist and Nutritionist

with Tania Neubauer, ND, Clinical Herbalist

Portland, Oregon   February 15-17, 2013
Boulder, CO  March 22-24, 2013


Delve into commonly seen lab tests. Learn what you need to know as a practitioner when your clients walk in with that thick file under their arm! We will cover the most common lab tests in general practice, including:

    • Complete Blood Counts, iron testing and anemia
  • Liver function tests
  • Thyroid function testing, antibodies
  • Urinalysis, urine culture, renal function testing
  • Adrenal function
  • Imaging (X-ray, ultrasound, CT/MRI, DEXA) – when indicated and why
  • Vitamin D testing
  • STD screening and Paps, colposcopy/biopsy, vaginal wet mounts and cultures, pregnancy testing, HPV
  • Lipid (cholesterol) and cardiovascular risk factor tests
  • Blood sugar and glucose tolerance testing, hemoglobin A1C
  • Stool tests – O&P (parasite testing), fecal occult blood, holistic GI panels
  • Hormonal testing
  • Food allergy testing

Tests will be demystified, and information most relevant to that commonly seen in general practice will be presented. Material covered will also be adjusted to the desires of the class – if there are tests that the group especially wants covered, and I have the clinical experience to teach you, I will cover it.

February 15-17 (Fri-Sun)  10AM to 5PM
Portland Herbal Education Center
2714 NE Alberta St.
Portland, OR

March 22-24 (Fri-Sun), 10AM to 5PM
Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism
2900 Valmont Road
Boulder, CO

Extensive note packet included.
Tuition: $300 ($100 deposit required to hold your place)

This seminar is oriented to those with beginning, basic or no training in laboratory testing. We will cover the reasons testing is ordered, and understanding what information can and cannot be learned from each test. In each instance, I will endeavor to teach you common pitfalls in misunderstanding lab tests, and help you understand the cause rather than treating the symptom. I started from a background as a community health worker and herbalist to later become a naturopathic physician, so I am able to speak both languages and make the testing accessible to the non-physician. This class cannot teach you to diagnose using laboratory testing (not enough time together, for one thing), but you will gain invaluable knowledge for general practice.

Bio: Tania Neubauer, ND, began her healthcare career studying herbal medicine in the San Francisco Bay Area and as a community health worker at the Berkeley Free Clinic. She studied herbal medicine with Michael Moore, Karyn Sanders, the California School of Traditional Hispanic Herbalism, and the Pacific School of Herbal Medicine; massage therapy at resource; and naturopathic medicine at National College of Natural Medicine. She served as the staff physician at Natural Doctors International's clinic in a public hospital in Nicaragua, and then as a physician at La Clinica de Guadalupe, a nonprofit community clinic serving the Spanish-speaking community of the Willamette Valley of Oregon. She is faculty at the North American Institute of Medical Herbalism and maintains a naturopathic and massage practice at Salvia Medica in Portland, Oregon.

Application and Enrollment
Send in the Application with check or money order for $100 deposit, or $300 full payment, payable to Tania Neubauer at NAIMH, PO Box 13758, Portland, OR 97213. You may also pay with a credit card or Paypal at our Secure Store. Questions: tanianeu@yahoo.com or 503-577-7136.

For those currently enrolled in CSCH, this course will count for your 18-hour practicum credit.


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