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Distance Learning Programs and Courses

Self Study
We offer audio materials for self study, with supporting notes and texts, without further tuition payment. See course descriptions here and purchase materials at the secure store. All audio courses come with a data disk of notes, texts, and supplemental readings for independent learning. 

Single Courses for credit

We offer Stand-alone single Courses with tuition and faculty support which each earn a Continuing Education certificate showing the hours and material learned.

Certificate Programs

We offer Certificate Programs which combine courses to earn a Program Certificate.

How to purchase course materials for self study

Anyone may purchase course materials for self-study without enrolling in the course or paying tuition. See course descriptions here.
See our online store to order the materials

How to enroll in a single course for faculty support and Continuing Education credit

  • You may take any course at any time.
  • You may purchase the material without enrolling in the course.
  • You may optionally pay an enrollment fee and tuition and receive online faculty support, grading of questions and assignments, and a CE certificate on completion of the course.
  • Your first step to take the course for CE credit is to order the materials.
  • Course materials you receive will include the enrollment application.
  • When you are ready to start the course, send in your enrollment application..
  • Your faculty support and term will begin when you receive our email acknowledgement of your enrollment.
  • Students who do not complete the course within the term may request an extension.
  • Each course earns a certificate as a stand-alone Continuing Education course.

How to earn a Program Certificate

    • To earn one of the Program Certificates, you need to complete each of the courses in it for CE credit. (See above)
    • You may present CE certificates for the courses in your program, with a $25 fee, to receive the Program Certificate.
    • Anyone who has completed any course in the past may apply it to a Program Certificate.
    • We do not have separate enrollment in Programs, only in the the individual courses.
    • Each course must be completed within its own term, but there is no term or time limit to complete the courses in a Program.
    • This allows you the purchase materials and pay tuition as you work you way through the course, in your own time, rather than pay a larger sum up front.

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