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Currently we offer distance learning classes, but do not offer a comprehensive certificate program (it is under development, see below). Our entry level distance learning class is the First Course in Medical Herbalism (See below) Our other classes are audio versions of our on-site classes, sold in albums of audio CD-ROMs which also include a data disk with  lecture notes, readings, texts, and other resources for the course. Materials may be purchased and studied separately, or may be taken for credit with an extra payment for tuition.

Individual Stand-Alone Courses
Each course we currently offer may be taken for stand-alone or continuing education credit, and each earns its own certificate. Some of these courses may be later applied to our Distance Learning Certificate in Western Herbalism. See details here: Western Herbalism Certificate Program.

The following courses are available for sale, each with a certificate of hours earned for continuing education credit.

Course materials may be purchased without enrolling in the courses if you want them for self-study. For faculty support and a CE certificate, an enrollment form, fee, and tuition are required.

           Beginning is an entry level course   Intermediate is for individuals with some prior training in herbalism  Advanced is for practitioners or advanced students.

          First Course in Medical Herbalism (Beginning to Intermediate) 

        Fundamentals of Herbal Actions and Formulation (Intermediate to Advanced) 

        Vitalist Therapeutics and Acute Symptoms (Intermediate to Advanced)

        Adverse Effects of Common Herbs (Intermediate to Advanced)

        Insulin Resistance: Pathophysiology and Natural Therapeutics (Intermediate/Advanced)

Systemic Inflammation, Food Intolerance, and Autoimmunity Pathophysiology and Natural Therapeutics (Intermediate to Advanced)

Materia Medica Intensive  (Intermediate to Advanced) 

Certificate in Western Herbalism (distance learning)
We are developing a comprehensive 304-hour certificate course by Distance Learning. It has been approved by the Colorado Department of Higher Education, Private Occupational Schools Board and we expect it to be complete in December of 2012.  It will typically take about 2 years of home study to complete, but may be completed more quickly if the student has significant free time to devote to it. See more details here: Western Herbalism Certificate Program.

Each course is written and reviewed by practicing clinical herbalists and professional herbal educators.

Overview of Distance Learning
Most modern universities have Distance Learning courses available for full academic credit. Distance learning is now also common in the field of occupational education. This method of learning suits the needs of millions of North Americans who are highly motivated to learn, but cannot leave their localities to obtain the education they want. Distance Learning is especially well-suited to the study of medical herbalism and clinical nutrition, since these topics are taught in a relatively small number of locations in the country, and the great majority of individuals wanting this education cannot relocate to acquire it. (The clinical aspects of herbalism cannot be taught in this manner, and require on-site training.) A distance learning student requires a good deal of self motivation to complete a course.

NAIMH Standards
The North American Institute of Medical Herbalism maintains the highest educational standards in our Distance Learning, including:
1) Our school and its courses were approved and regulated by the Colorado Department of Education, Private Occupational Schools Board between 2003 and 2012. In 2012 we moved our offices to Portland, OR. We are not longer regulated, but we maintain the same curriculum and standards that we developed in Colorado. Each Distance Learning Course was specifically approved for Distance Learning, Internet, and Continuing Education formats.
2) The great majority of our courses have a primary audio component, with recordings of actual lectures delivered in a classroom format, in addition to text materials, notes, and readings.
3) Students are assigned a faculty member to give personalized feedback through written, internet, or phone contact.
4) Student support includes an reference materials accompanying the courses, and direct contact with administration representatives for technical assistance with problems relating to enrollment or administrative issues.

How our courses work
Courses usually include both written and audio materials. The audio CDs are actual recordings of classes at our institute, digitally edited and modified for a Distance Learning format.  The student first purchases the materials for the course. For most courses, any written materials are included on a data disk, and extra textbooks are not required. After receiving the materials, if the student wishes to take the course for credit, he or she sends in the application and enrollment that come with the course materials. The tuition payment schedule is spelled out in the application and enrollment form.

Each course is divided into lessons, with exams or projects required to complete the lesson.  The student is allowed a specified time to complete each course, requiring approximately three hours of study and/or project work each week. As each course is completed a Certificate for Continuing Education is awarded.

Continuing Education Credits
Our courses have been approved by the Colorado Department of Higher Education to be offered for Continuing Education credit. You may also need to obtain additional approval from your professional regulating board. Any of our courses may be taken for continuing education credit, and we maintain a transcript of your work at the school.


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