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Our latest audio sets

Fatigue: Pathophysiology, Natural Therapeutics, and Adaptogens

16 Audio CDs
24 hours CD credit with certificate

Systemic Inflammation, Food Intolerance, and Autoimmunity
Pathophysiology and Natural Therapeutics

12 Audio CDs
24 hours CE credit with certificate

Clinical Herbalism Training Seminar in Nicaragua
Spanish not required, previous experience not required
Medical Spanish training option available.

Continuing education credits available


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Free Influenza Videos
Influenza and vitamin D
Vitamins, Herbs, and Influenza
Free Classic Herbal Text by Wm Scudder, MD.


Beginning Distance Learning course

First Course in Medical Herbalism

36 hour certificate course

Now with the resources kit for this course -- an Herbal Classics Library CD-ROM , with electronic versions of six classic herbals from the North American, British, and German folk and medical traditions and the Folk Remedies Database CD-ROM with cross-referenced and indexed authentic folk and native herbal treatments from more than thirty different cultures and regions for more than 40 different conditions. A $49 combined value. Information to enrich your study and knowledge of herbal medicine.

Intermediate and Advanced Audio Courses

Systemic Inflammation, Food Intolerance, and Autoimmunity
Pathophysiology and Natural Therapeutics

12 Audio CDs
24 hours CE credit with certificate


Vitalist Treatment of Acute Symptoms

30 Audio CDs in a 2-album set.

This is the centerpiece of our distance learning program.
72 hours CEU credit available

Herbal Detoxification, Alteratives, and the Liver
Intermediate material
12 audio CDs
Approved for 24 hours CE credit

Insulin Resistance:
Pathophysiology and Natural Therapeutics
Intermediate to Advanced
20 audio CD's
Approved for 24 hours CE credit

Advanced Herbal Actions and Formulation
Intermediate to Advanced
12 audio CD's
Approved for 36 hours CE credit

Materia Medica Intensive
Intermediate to Advanced
16 audio CD's
Approved for 32 hours CE credit

Herbal Safety Seminar
12 audio CDs
Approved for 24 hours CE credit

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Vitalism and herbal medicine
Vitalism in healing is a clinical strategy based on the principle that Life, Nature, and the Great Spirit from which they arise are fully present in all the tissues of the body, and also in the psyche, the spiritual heart, and the soul, sustaining life and health, providing momentum for personal evolution on all levels, and for the fulfillment of the highest purpose in social and spiritual life. Vitalist practitioners employ clinical strategies and methods which support this life power through encouragement of nourishment, digestion, rest, and appropriate activity, identification of purpose in personal life, connection with nature, an active spiritual life, identification and removal of obstacles to cure on all levels, and avoidance of methods which suppress or distort life processes. The Vitalist incorporates all aspects of science, especially physiology and pathophysiology, but equally values knowledge from traditional medicine, empirical observation, instinct and intuition, and is not confined to the narrow materialistic world view that dominates much of modern science, medicine, and social life. Vitalist herbal medicine is the use of herbs in support of this approach and these processes.